Karolina Kiss

Ever since I can remember I have always been searching and feeling divided.

No matter what, I couldn't decide on only one thing I would want to be. So after I established that I won't be persuading the career of the astronaut (hate mathematics) I was still left with three equally tempting choices for future. Painting, illustration, fashion design - all these were deeply engraved in my DNA and it always felt impossible to choose only one, consistent path for myself, simply because I couldn't imagine living a day without any of it. In that greed for all my passions I was trying it all out in a desperate attempt to define myself according to the popular standards. But all these experiments didn't push me any closer to the answer, but the opposite - the more I did the more I loved everything I was trying. And it hit me. Why should I define myself with only one thing? Maybe I really am indefinable, being all of the things I love!

I refuse to be anything less than I shamelessly am.

Painter. Designer. Illustrator.