Art Hunting pop-up gallery


This story begins with facebook. Almost like all the good stories in recent days. Sort of. Well anyway, this story has begun on facebook and suprisingly turned out to be very fruitfull. Why is it important enough to be mentioned? Because I think it proves that good things come unexpectedly from most random of places and moments.

One of the cold fall evenings I was yet again scrolling through my facebook feed. Cat videos, random friends sharing random things.But then out of the sea of nonsense surfaced a very interesting post by Art Hunting. They were looking for new female artists to work with on a new pop-up gallery in December. At first I wasn't sure if to even send my work as I have long ago given up on polish art industry. But there was something very refreshing and honest about Art Hunting. Long story short - I wrote, send my work, they wrote back, we met with Art Hunting's Zuzanna Ciszewska, we clicked from the start and after one meeting I was decided on it. Zuzanna took my portraits which was a very big step for me on it's own as I was sheltering them and hiding from the world for years (felt like giving my children up for addoption but that's a whole other subject for a seperate story) but because I have trusted Zuzanna from the start it felt right.

Anyway, I digress and the point of the story is that Zuzanna collected paintings and illustrations from various polish, female artists including me and created beautiful space filled with great work.

Pop-up gallery is opend from mid-December until probably the end of January and is located in Centrum Riviera in Gdynia - polish seaside. I've got to say that I couldn't be happier about how things turned out and that is a great honor for me to be a part of such project.

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